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In 1950 the workshop of the organ builders and Fonteyn Gaal was founded in an old building at the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat Amsterdam.
Andries Fonteyn (1914-2010) first worked by organbuilder Strunk in Rotterdam and Julius Gaal (1902-1971) was of Hungarian descent.
Especially in the early days the organs had Baroque dispositions, but were modern in design with an electro-pneumatic action.
From about 1970 the company started making mechanical organs with slider-chests.
After the death of Julius Gaal in 1971 Andries Fonteyn continued the company under his own name and moved the company in 1974 to Kampen.
Fonteyn terminated his company in 1979 and his employees Marius Elize Kaat and Levinus Gerardus Tijhuis continued the company under the name “Kaat & Tijhuis.
From the start, both men decided to make traditional instruments with mechanival action. Kaat did the all the work related to organpipes and intonation and Tijhuis was responsible for designing and leading the workshop.
The development that took place within the company can clearly be seen in their organs. More and more parts were made in-house using traditional methods.
Meanwhile, Tijhuis and Kaat both has retired and the company is taken over by the next generation. Menno Kaat has taken over from his father an since Tijhuis also has retired, he is responsible for the commercial running of the company.
He is supported by eight dedicated employees, each with their own specialization.
Kaat & Tijhuis has a lot of organs to maintain throughout the country and, incidentally, also abroad.
We have the necessary knowledge to restore and maintain mechanical organs as well as instruments with pure pneumatic or electro-pneumatic action.
As passionate professionals, we are happy to work within the organ culture maintaining, restoring an building new organs on which the organ literature can be properly interpreted and both organists and congregations are encouraged to play and sing. ga terug naar boven